CSM Campaign

Good day capsuleers, my name is Kenneth Feld and I’m an EVE addict.  Sorry, wrong group.  My name is Kenneth Feld and I’m running for the CSM!

A little bit about me.  I’ve been playing EVE for the last decade, almost to the day actually.  I started way back when in the patch when Capitals were introduced, but couldn’t really devote enough time to really get the bug.  I eventually got sucked back in when a friend of mine started playing too, and together we tried to plant our flag and build an empire.  In high-sec.  Long story short, it didn’t work out too well.  So we ran off to nullsec to a group in Vale named Majesta Empire.  There was a little bit of everything to be done there, but there was a big need to help out in the Industrial side of things.  Next thing I know, I’m helping alliance logistics and running my own reaction farm.  

This is where I really found my niche in EVE.  Going on fleets, shooting people, roaming – that was all well and good.  But maximizing efficiency with my reaction farm, setting up manufacturing chains, and making sure the alliance had the ships they needed really resonated with me.  As it turned out, I was pretty good at it as well.  After a year of doing it for the alliance and then for myself, I had accumulated quite the nest egg.  

Majesta ended up collapsing and I bumbled around for a while before finding myself joining a corp whose requirements to join was an Arts and Crafts project.  With the help of my son I submitted it, and never looked back.  HABIT became my home, and I took my expertise to Pandemic Legion.

Not really considered an industrial powerhouse by any means, PL still had industrial needs.  I eventually found myself being one of the main capital and supercapital producers for the PL.  After the famous Bloodbath of B-R I was in charge of resupplying the alliance with Titans at a frenetic pace.  With the industrial chains I had set up, within 3 months everyone who lost a Titan was back into one, fits and all.  One of my prouder moments, really.  

So yeah, Industry is my wheelhouse.  In all I’ve built over 1,000 supercaps & titans.  I was in the top 1% for all manufactured items in the game.  I’ve witnessed POSes, Outposts, Citadels and ECs.  I was invited to participate in the official CCP Focus Group for Citadels.  I’ve done every type of logistical work you can imagine in the game, and I’m well aware of the pain points that exist.  

I’ve always been interested in the CSM and follow what they do, but with the twice a year summit format I couldn’t reliably take the time off of work to travel.  Now that the format has changed, I’m able to devote the proper time not just to the meetings, but to attend the summit as well.  

I firmly believe that the CSM needs voices from a variety of playstyles.  Not just representatives who know the broad strokes.  I watched this last summit as CSM experts gave presentations to CCP and it was standing room only.  I want to be able to share my knowledge and expertise directly, and let CCP know exactly how us Industry and Logistics operate at every level, from bookmark access lists I have no doubt 

As far as what to expect from me – in a word? Honesty.  I have played this game fairly exclusively for a decade and I love CCP, but I’m not going to shy away from telling them the truth.  I know how to effectively communicate in a corporate environment  and how to conduct myself professionally.  The CSM is an institution that deserves respect, and I’m prepared to treat it as such.  

Thank you